Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Paper Aeroplanes - Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh 18/2/2014

I'm not entirely sure how I discovered the charms of the Paper Aeroplanes, was it some late night itunes/amazon browsing? Whatever it was I downloaded a free mp3 of 'Red Rover' and was quietly smitten, rushing off one lunch time to buy their album ‘Little Letters’. For a number of months their songs from this and their e.p.s have had regular plays around my house and on my ipod.  One of my daughters has even taken a liking to ‘Dry My Eyes’. Quite an achievement to penetrate the world of Taylor Swift and CarlyRae Jepson!

I always find it a bit of a challenge going to see new singers and bands. There’s a fear that actually I won’t get it and live they’ll disappoint. I must be mad to think that especially in relation to the Paper Aeroplanes. Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn were joined by a full band and they were mesmerising, reaching all shades of tone, tenderness and even attack. Yes there’s a folksiness (that’s not a bad thing) and that is crossed with a pure pop sensibility which captures you and captivates.  They have huge melodies, wistful reflective lyrics and several songs which in a fairer world would be huge hits. ‘Skies on Fire’ exemplifies that perfectly – a huge tune that would connect with any crowd and deserves to connect to a bigger crowd than were gathered tonight. @sarahaeroplane